Five Holiday Movie Classics

Trees trimmed and mistletoe hung, candles lit and gifts wrapped, the end of the year is a time for family and food . . . and also holiday movies.

There's something satisfying about making that family-time nest of blankets, snacks, and a warm cup or two in front of the classics. Owners and guests with us at Timbers Resorts' luxury fractional homes can tap into our DVD libraries, available in the game-rooms of our properties, or even set aside some time at the private theater in spots such as Dancing Bear Aspen.

Whether you're streaming, bringing your own copy, or borrowing one of ours, here's a list of five sure-fire holiday films. And, yes, we work in a few of the best and most reliable chestnuts, but hopefully our list of five will also remind you that there are some genuine holiday-themed classics that you perhaps haven't seen 15 times already.

1. Miracle on 34th Street (1947): 

There's nothing quite like curling up in front of the fireplace — at One Steamboat Place or The Timbers Club, for example — wrapped in the glow of this old-school, thoughtful classic. The idea is that when it comes to the spirit of giving, fantasy and reality are less important distinctions in this world. Edmund Gwen plays a department-store Santa whose real life is on the line, and John Payne plays the lawyer who argues that Gwen's Kris Kringle may prove to be something like the real thing.

2.  The Holiday (2006): 

A pair of stars swap homes for the holidays, and in so doing they discover something about their hearts. Cameron Diaz's workaholic movie producer trades her L.A. digs for the rustic cottages of Kate Winslet's character in Surrey, England. Both discover a path back from burnout in the company of unlikely gentlemen (for whom they fall). For our Owners bound for the opposite clime this season — sunny/warm at Esperanza Resort or Rancho Valencia to cozy/snowy at The Sebastian - Vail or Dancing Bear Aspen, or the reverse — the pleasures of the swap through the Timbers Reciprocity Program should seem familiar - and just as seamless!.

3. It's a Wonderful Life (1946): 

The difference that we make in each other's worlds is a key message of this Frank Capra-directed fantasy. There's really no wrong place to watch Jimmy Stewart work his way through an undeniably heart-tugging role, but if you've got some fresh-powder slopes around you at Timbers Resorts' Colorado properties, for example, or a snug cottage is your environs, the wintertime scenes will resonate especially.

4. Love Actually (2003): 

This is the ultimate romantic comedy with an ensemble cast of powerhouse actors —- Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, and Laura Linney. To many, it's considered the most charming and romantic mainstream movie ever made. Set in London and extending beyond, it opens and closes at Heathrow Airport around the holidays, taking the audience on a spirited journey through five days leading up to Christmas.

5. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987): 

If you're hunting for a mostly secular setting: John Candy and Steve Martin play businessmen who just want to get home for the holidays — but in this case it's Thanksgiving. The concepts of the holidays in general are strong, though, throughout. Family, the appreciation of what one has at hand, and generosity of spirit to others, those are the underlying ideas. And if you've ever struggled with an airport queue or a train schedule en route to your Timbers Resorts location, you'll feel for this duo, all the way.

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