Summer in Vail

Even when the snow melts and the ski slopes ease into hibernation, Vail remains a haven for adventure enthusiasts. From exhilarating activities that will get your heart racing to the undeniable year-round beauty of Colorado’s majestic mountains, Vail offers an enticing blend of outdoor excitement and breathtaking scenery. 

Whether you seek a stunning backdrop, delectable cuisine, or an abundance of outdoor fun, this captivating destination has something to offer for every nature enthusiast. 

Keep reading to discover the wonders that await you in Vail this summer.

Explore Vail Village

Vail Village is home to an abundance of restaurants, shops, and year-round events!

Discover the quaint ambiance, delightful shops, and captivating attractions that make Vail Village a truly magical destination.

Unleash Your Inner Cyclist

Biking in Vail, Colorado, is a spectacular experience that caters to riders of all levels and preferences. 

You’ll discover an extensive network of mountain biking trails allowing riders of every ability to explore the beautiful terrain. Additionally, the valley boasts numerous miles of well-paved recreation trails, offering a serene and enjoyable biking experience on flat ground. 

So, grab your bike and embark on an unforgettable adventure in this picturesque paradise. Visit The Sebastian’s Base Camp near Gondola One for bike rentals and more! 

Summer in Vail

See Vail from Above

Hop aboard the Scenic Gondola, treating yourself to awe-inspiring vistas of the Gore mountain range and Vail’s majestic peaks. 

Prepare for an unforgettable experience filled with breathtaking sights and cherished memories.

See Vail from Above

Explore the Trails

Vail boasts a diverse array of hiking trails suitable for individuals of all ages and skill levels. 

Explore the beauty of Colorado’s nature with some of the most sought-after and beloved hiking routes in the area!

Summer in Vail

Grab Some Local Summer Produce

From June to October, immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Vail Village as its streets come alive with a bustling farmers market. Indulge in the finest local summer produce and explore an array of exquisite crafts handcrafted by local artisans. It’s the perfect opportunity to find unique gifts and souvenirs to cherish from your Vail experience.

Satisfy your taste buds with an abundance of culinary delights as over 40 food vendors serve up an enticing array of seriously tasty dishes.

Go on a White-Water Rafting Expedition

Experience the rush of adrenaline in Vail during the summer by embarking on an exhilarating white-water rafting expedition. 

Engage in the breathtaking scenery and pristine waters as you navigate class II-V rapids.

With a variety of rivers and routes to choose from, there’s a perfect match for every group. Whether you seek a gentle adventure suitable for families and beginners or crave the excitement of more extreme rapids, Vail has something unforgettable in store for every adventurous soul.

Attend a Summer Festival

Vail’s vibrant summer events and exciting happenings, offer an exceptional array of experiences that will leave you captivated!

Indulge in a world of vibrant live music, attend internationally acclaimed arts and cultural events, savor delectable culinary delights, and anticipate an array of delightful surprises throughout the season.

Experience Vail All Year Round

Join us for a night at The Sebastian – Vail, or visit your favorite Rocky Mountain destination with family and friends more often as an Owner at The Sebastian – Vail.

Experience the unmatched services and luxury amenities this resort has to offer. From daily housekeeping to complimentary transportation around town, they’ve got you covered.