The Most Instagrammable Outdoor Spots in Vail This Winter

By Brenda Stuart


Vail is a literal winter wonderland in every sense of the word. That’s why it’s got fans all over the world, and plenty of social media to back that up. So make sure your battery is charged, and you’re ready to go because there are lots of places in Vail that deserve a post on your Instagram page.



The number one most Instagrammable outdoor spot in Vail this winter is right outside the front door. The Sebastian is right next to Gondola One and overlooks the slopes – the most Instagrammable spot of any place in Vail. That’s what makes Vail so amazing, so make sure you take some snaps while you’re skiing or snowboarding and post them to your account. If no one knows you went to Vail, did you really even hit the slopes?



The back bowls are a way to earn some street cred as a skier. Not only do you get away from the crowd and the less experienced skiers and snowboarders, but it’s literally kind of a badge of honor, or at least a badge of competency if you can say you skied here. The Blue Sky Basin is the most recent expansion to Vail Ski Resort, but the back bowls have earned the love of snow sports enthusiasts for years. Get it on your Instagram page, if you dare.



There’s almost nothing like being on top of the world at a Vail ski resort. Riding up on the gondolas or ski lifts gives you a bird’s eye view of the snow and skiers below and a look across the horizon. It’s a beautiful pic no matter what, but it’s even better as a backdrop to a selfie posted on your page.



Vail Village and Lionshead Village are where you’ll find the shops and eateries that make Vail an international destination. Don’t let the cold temperatures drain your phone battery because you’ll definitely be posing for pics here. Make it part of a photo dump later, but document your time spent eating, drinking, shopping, and make sure all your friends can see it.



Vail’s famous covered bridge’s will earn you lots of likes on your Instagram page. In the winter, it looks like something straight out of a Hallmark movie. In reality, it’s the bridge that crosses Gore Creek near the 10th Mountain Division Memorial and The George Restaurant and Pub. On Instagram, it looks almost magical.



Take a snowshoe tour or just stroll through the gardens and learn about the Rocky Mountain ecosystem. Unlike a typical lawn, the snow here doesn’t have much of an impact on the grass or plants. The Alpine plants and trees thrive in the cold.

There’s also a children’s garden with plenty of hands-on opportunities for the kids. When you need to warm up, step into the Alpine House for a spell. Take a few photos of the plants that prefer warmer temperatures.

Colorado has more than 300 days of sunshine a year, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s warmer than it is. It gets plenty cold in these parts, and if you’re not from a cold-weather climate, you’ll find out the frigid temps can drain your battery pretty quickly. Make sure to stow your phone in an inside pocket, but keep it handy because there’s something worth snapping almost everywhere you look!

Brenda Stuart is a freelance writer and radio news broadcaster in Denver. When she’s not gardening, skiing, or traveling around Colorado, she’s writing about her latest adventures.