We are delighted to announce that our on-site restaurant at The Sebastian – Vail, Leonora, has been honored with a prestigious restaurant award by Wine Spectator in 2023 recognizing our exceptional wine menu.

This recognition is a true testament to our commitment to curating an outstanding dining experience for our guests. At Leonora, we have painstakingly crafted a wine menu that showcases an extensive selection of exquisite vintages from around the world. Our sommeliers have expertly curated a diverse range of wines, carefully pairing them with our delectable menu offerings to elevate the overall dining experience.

We take great pride in providing our guests with a memorable journey through the world of wine, offering unique and rare selections that cater to every palate. This award not only celebrates our passion for exceptional wines but also affirms Leonora as a top dining destination for wine enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary culinary experience in Colorado and the Vail Valley.