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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Residences at The Sebastian?

Residences at The Sebastian is a Private Residence Club set in the heart of The Sebastian - Vail hotel. Owners enjoy flexible use of 36 fully-furnished residences, all with mountain views. The majority of our residences are three-bedroom, with two- and four-bedroom homes available. Owners enjoy full use of an exclusive Owners' Lounge and a wealth of five-star services and amenities - Bloom Spa, fine dining options at Leonora, craft cocktails and casual fare at Frost, personal concierge services and much more.

Where is Residences at The Sebastian?

The Sebastian – Vail is located in the heart of Vail Village in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, less than 100 miles west of Denver.

Who is behind Residences at The Sebastian? Who is Timbers Resorts?

Ferruco Vail Ventures, a family based investment group out of Mexico City with ties to the Vail Valley, is the ownership group of The Sebastian. The Sebastian is managed by Timbers Resorts. An acclaimed development firm based in Carbondale, Colorado, Timbers Resorts specializes in the complete development, sales and marketing of intimate, private, luxury residence clubs, boutique hotels and resort communities in the world's most sought-after destinations.

What are the benefits of owning at The Sebastian?

Ownership in a true luxury Residence Club, like Residences at The Sebastian, affords Owners all the benefits of having access to a vacation property of the highest quality for a fraction of the price one would expect to pay. Ownership at The Sebastian eliminates all of the hassles that are associated with owning a vacation home and replaces them with the services and amenities only found in the finest resorts. Through your fractional property at The Sebastian – Vail, you will own an undivided, deeded interest of real estate with a guaranteed number of vacation weeks to use. You may also use your residence as often as you like, outside of your planned weeks, subject only to space availability.

How does ownership work at Residences at The Sebastian?

Timbers Resorts established the unique residential Interest ownership structure. And with several of its resorts utilizing this reservation system, it has established a track record for ensuring Owner satisfaction. Generally, the reservation procedures provide Owners with a guaranteed number of planned vacation weeks each year during the prime winter and summer seasons. Plus, if you are fortunate enough to have even more time to spend at your vacation home, the club can accommodate you on a space-available basis throughout the year. Your ownership allows you to come as often as you like. Subject only to the club's reservation procedures, your use is essentially unlimited.

What services and amenities are available at Residences at The Sebastian?

Residences at The Sebastian affords Owners all of the five-star services and amenities of The Sebastian resort property. A dedicated concierge staff is on-hand for all needs, from pre-arrival through departure. Owners have preferred access to the property's restaurants - Leonora and Frost – and Bloom Spa, which offers a variety of signature treatments inspired by local ingredients. There are hot tubs and a pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a Game Room, private Owners' Lounge, Tykes Room for little ones, dedicated ski valet at Base Camp and abundant activities available on the property and throughout the area.

How many residences are there at Residences at The Sebastian?

There are 36 luxury residences at The Sebastian, each a stylish and chic interpretation of Vail's alpine motif. Our residences are a combination of two- three- and four-bedroom, all with mountain views. Many feature vaulted ceilings with custom-designed furnishings and luxurious fabrics that complement the Italian marble, granite countertops and hardwood floors throughout. Here, only the finishes rival the scenery outside, perfectly viewed from the private deck. Residences at The Sebastian is a deliberately small, private club.

How often may I use my ownership at Residences at The Sebastian?

Owners at The Sebastian can use the property as often as they wish, based on availability. The Residences at The Sebastian Use Plan has been specifically designed for the property and is intended to accommodate Owners who prefer to plan ahead for longer vacations as well as those who enjoy a more impromptu vacation schedule. Owners can book vacations well in advance on a Planned Vacation basis, while also maintaining the flexibility to visit on the spur-of-the-moment.

Will I always stay in the same residence?

Not necessarily. Owners have equal access to all 36 residences. Requests for specific residences will be granted whenever possible.

Can I use more than one residence at a time?

Yes. Ownership at The Sebastian provides you with the flexibility to utilize more than one residence at a time. There are no additional fees, just customary housekeeping and incidental charges.

What happens if my schedule changes and I cannot use weeks I reserved?

Flexibility to alter your vacation plans throughout the year to fit your ever-changing lifestyle is one of the most exciting elements of residential interest ownership. If you are unable to use your planned weeks, you may simply cancel a booked vacation and reschedule it. Or, you can always send family or friends in your absence. Additionally, there will be the opportunity for you to trade vacation weeks for time at other exciting Timbers Resorts properties around the world through Timbers Reciprocity Program.

What is the Timbers Reciprocity Program?

The Timbers Reciprocity Program is a simple online reciprocity system that allows Owners at Timbers Collection properties the ability to trade vacation weeks at their home property for vacation weeks at other destinations within the Timbers Collection. For more information, please visit

Do Owners pay annual assessments?

Yes. In keeping with Residences at The Sebastian's goal of providing ownership of hassle-free, maintenance-free real estate, the club's staff will handle all the details of maintaining the club and its residences. On behalf of the HOA, the club's professional management team will collect annual dues from Owners and then manage payment of all utilities, insurance, staff salaries, supplies, materials, maintenance, trash removal and accounting fees. A portion of the annual dues also goes toward contributing to a capital reserve fund for future repairs and replacement needs.

Can my membership at Residences at The Sebastian be resold?

Yes. Like any other form of real estate, an undivided, deeded interest in Residences at The Sebastian can be sold or transferred.


For more information about the exciting ownership opportunities at Residences at The Sebastian, please call 970.477.8030, contact us or stop by our Sales Gallery located in the lobby of The Sebastian across from Bloom Spa.