Winter Cocktail Recipe from The Sebastian – Vail

Straight from Frost's mixologists at The Sebastian - Vail is a comely comfort cocktail just in time for ski season. Traditionally batched in large quantities to share with friends around the fire or wherever you just desire, we've provided instructions below so you can opt to enjoy solo:


4.5 oz Apple Cider
1.25 oz Whipped Vodka
1.25 oz Spiced Rum
.3 oz Cap Rock(Colorado) Pear Eau de Vie
.3 oz Butterscotch Schnapps
Pinch of ground cinnamon for a topping

All ingredients should be combined and warmed, but not boiled.

Garnish: 5” Cinnamon Stick, Thin slice of Pear, and a small touch of Whipped Cream between the stick and pear, being careful that it does not go into the drink.  The whipped cream is more for the nose than the drink and to cool the tongue after a sip of the warming cocktail.

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