The Nose Knows! A Wine Tasting with Block 16’s Team.

Block 16 is not only the name of the restaurant at The Sebastian – Vail, but also the property’s signature wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon produced by Napa Valley’s Page Wine Cellars. “Designed to be exceptionally complex while tipping a hat to the Napa Valley and the wines of Bordeaux,” winemaker Bryan Page and his family produced the first vintage of Block 16 in 2008, describing it as “a wine as beautiful to look at as it is to drink.”

One afternoon this summer, the Block 16 team of servers, sommeliers and bar staff gathered for a tasting of this special vintage, recording adjectives for each category from color to nose to mouth. As they inhaled its aroma and sipped and studied its flavor, they jotted down notes of what came to mind, at times in complete agreement while at others finding their own unique distinctions. Read their list of descriptors below and see how they compare to what you find:


  • Deep beet red coloration
  • Black/red color all the way to the center
  • Rich, saturated color, almost like deep red velvet


  • Blackberry
  • Black plum
  • Black cherry
  • Dried rose petal
  • Floral undertones
  • Hints of cedar
  • Patagonia forest
  • Forest floor
  • Mild earth
  • Baking spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove)


  • Bright acidity
  • Mouthwatering acidity
  • Raspberry
  • Red Cherry
  • Plum jam
  • Ripe strawberry
  • Low tannin
  • Mild tannins
  • Soft finish

They all agreed it was worth noting that all of the Nose descriptors are “black fruit” driven, while the palette shows all “red fruit” character.  Also, almost no one called out the spice and wood elements on the Mouth that they found on the Nose.  Overall, this is a light, versatile and “food friendly” Cabernet Sauvignon. Not for the guest looking for the Napa Cab “fruit bomb” stereotype, it’s easy to drink and a “crowd-pleasing” style. Visit Block 16 to enjoy this private label wine, which is served exclusively at The Sebastian – Vail.

2008 Block 16 Stats:

Production: 200 cases

Alcohol: 14.5

pH:  3.69

Barrels: 100% French Bordeaux barriques

Block 16 is exclusive to Block 16 restaurant at The Sebastian – Vail and Timbers Resorts

PRODUCED BY: Page Wine Cellars, Napa, CA  94558     707.255.4665