It’s A Bird, It’s an Elk – Spotting Wildlife in Vail

Owners come to their Vail residences at The Sebastian - A Timbers Resort for the skiing, proximity to Colorado arts communities, and to stand in the awe-inspiring nature of the Rocky Mountains. Although the area isn't exactly wilderness, it also includes some of the best bird and wildlife viewing in the country. On your next visit, keep your eyes wide open for these local celebrities:

The Critters

Large mammals in the Vail area include elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats and the occasional black bear. You'll find the sheep and goats on the rocky cliffs and bluffs, while the elk and bear prefer the forest terrain. Because of the bears, always store food in airtight containers when camping or hiking to avoid a close encounter with the ursine kind.

The Flyers

During winter months, you'll find great horned owls, short-eared owls, rough-legged hawks, osprey and common goldeneye. Summer birds in Vail include the black-billed magpie, sage and blue grouse, more than 10 species of hawk, yellow-billed cuckoo, burrowing owls, bald eagles, white-faced ibis, evening grosbeak, pigmy owls and the broad-tailed hummingbird.Each has its own habitat within the larger area, so consult your favorite birding guide for the best viewing options.

The Resources

The birding and wildlife viewing community of Vail is robust and highly active. As you plan your trip, consider these resources

Vail Nature Center -- a local natural history museum that hosts birding walks Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the summer. Nature Discovery Center -- another natural history museum, it hosts free discovery walks to introduce visitors to local wildlife and birds.Colorado Audubon Society -- the local chapter of the country's premier birding organization. Wildlife Viewing Page -- the state tourism bureau's wildlife viewing information clearinghouse.

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