Best Fall Hikes in Vail

hike through the Autumn hues

We’re on the edge of alchemy season here in Vail, Colorado. As the air grows crisp and the leaves start to change, our Concierge team wants to share their favorite spots to enjoy the chromatic displays.

  • Mark – Piney Lake
    “Personally, I love the Piney Lake hike in every season. It’s gorgeous up there during the fall though I would recommend being cautious going on the busy weekends. Piney is the only place I have seen a moose in Colorado, and I have seen them on multiple outings. The hike itself is fairly easy. It’s about a three mile hike to a secluded pine forest where you come across a creek that has a cascading waterfall. From above you can see the winding stream created by this fall running all the way down into Piney Lake.”
  • Tom – North Trail
    “My favorite hike in the autumn months has to be North Trail off of Sandstone Road. The first half mile winds through glowing aspens, then it weaves you up to some surreal vistas offering views of all of Vail. The colors on the Vail side always look phenomenal against the green of the ski runs.”
  • Steve – Berrypicker Trail
    “It’s hard to go wrong with any hike in Vail during the months of fall but one of my favorite trails has to be Berrypicker on Vail Mountain. This scenic trails climbs through aspen groves providing beautiful views of Lionshead Village below. Once you arrive at the summit, which is the top of Eagle Bahn Gondola, you can enjoy the panoramic views of Mountain of The Holy Cross.”

For more information or hiking tips, please call our friendly Concierge team at 970.477.8020.